Shutterfly Holiday Cards

If you are anything like me you love getting holiday cards in the mail. There are a lot of things I don't like about the holidays, but picture cards have been my favorite for years. When we did our wedding album {with pics off our camera} we chose to do it through Shutterfly because they had such reasonable prices, and there stuff was super cute. Okay, maybe Jeremy didn't use the words super cute when the album came in the mail, but you get the point. So this year as I have started my, now yearly, begging of the "please take a Christmas pic so we can do picture cards" has begun I started looking at the Shutterfly site and noticed several cards I am considering to use, even though the only household members willing to take a Christmas picture are the furbabies. But that won't stop me, I already told Jeremy if the picture is only me and the dogs I will write at the bottom...not pictured: Jeremy-aka Scrooge {like in year books haha}. All that being said here are my top five favorite cards for this year from the Shutterfly site:
All of these awesome cards came from the Stationary Holiday Cards section and you can get it to by following this link:

After making you Christmas cards you might want a desktop calendar {which I live by}, they have great ones here:

Finally, I thought these were just too cool. I have never seen people do New Year's cards...but I just may be after seeing the ones here:

If you are a blogger and would like to participate in the 50 free cards go here: