{i love snail mail}

Guess what came in the mail today...

I just love getting mail...so long as it isn't bills. I was super excited to see our Shutterfly Christmas cards. I knew they'd be good, but they are awesome! I love how they look but I am not going to lie, I am super impressed with the quality of the paper the card was printed on. Absolutely amazing. We did Wal-Mart cards last year and they were okay, they were printed on photo paper. These are serious Christmas Cards, not like I could make at home. I am in love, I almost don't want to sent these pretty puppies out!
If you saw me post on Twitter you may be surprised there are no furbabies in the Christmas pic, well that is because it had been raining and we literally had 3 hours of sun that entire day. There was no way I was bathing and primping Miss Ellie only to let her run through the mud 10 minutes later. That out of the way the temperature dropped suddenly. I had planned for a short sleeve v-neck {pictured}, oh was I ever mistaken. Jeremy had seemingly appeared to agree to the photo op but later backed the heck out. This then took 1 1/2 hours to get him to agree to drive out to the Indian Village to take the pic.

All said and done I am super happy with out cards, even though I froze my tush off taking the picture. I am most certainly ordering Christmas cards through Shutterfly next year, I don't think I could stand to any less than their awesome quality next year if I was dead broke and having to give plasma to buy Christmas cards. 

I hope all of you will check out Shutterfly this year and buy some of their amazing holiday products!