dinnerRevolution Cookbook Giveaway

I am really excited to offer y'all this giveaway! I was contacted by Chef Jeff Pirtle author of dinnerRevolution to giveaway copies of his new cookbook to my readers. The best part about the cookbook is that the tagline on it is "Healthy Modern recipes made simply with 10 ingredients or less in under 30 minutes", that line alone instantly pulled me in. 

10 ingredients or less means less money-yes please! This graduate wife can't afford to blow money and her husband is about sick of grilled chicken. 

Under 30 minutes-I just may crawl out of my cooking rut. We all know I have been in one hence the lack of recipes lately. Needless to say after a long day at school I am not in the mood to hang over the stove all evening. Especially since Jeremy is gone to class until late-does not make for a desire to cook elaborately long recipes. 

So without even making it past the front cover I was instantly excited about what recipes would be inside. I need some new ideas-and we all know how much I love cookbooks. My dream is to have a whole shelf in my kitchen devoted to cookbooks, one day. 

I'll get to the point, the awesome part of this giveaway is that everyone benefits from it. Unlike the type we usually participate in where one lucky blogger walks away with something, all of my readers will be able to get the cookbook. This book will be selling for $27! Ladies (and the few dudes that read) we just got lucky with this one. Chef Jeff is being so kind to offer it up to all my readers because he is looking for feedback before he rolls it out officially! 

So here is how you get this easy healthy cookbook, (1) follow the link below by clicking on the book cover:

(2) Enter your name and email.
(3) A confirmation email will be sent to you and you must confirm in order to recieve the book. 

I hope y'all enjoy the book! If you choose to receive it feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think and I will be sure to get it to Chef Jeff! 

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