Wedding Venue | Riverside Farm & Unplugged Getaways

I have a deep love for wedding venues, I tell my sister all the time that when she gets married I'm planning the whole thing. I would just love the chance to plan a big event again, honestly it was the most fun I've had.

While I love my own venue, I am always looking out for incredibly unique wedding venues.

Riverside Farms is one of those venues that I can't help but imagine just how I'd decorate every inch of the old farm. It would be filled with burlap, lace, blue mason jars, and everything country shabby chic.

Here's a little about Riverside Farm from their site::

Riverside Farm is located in Pittsfield, Vermont.  This beautiful farm property has everything needed to create an elegant Vermont Wedding, including six  beautifully restored barns, over 700 acres and much more.  Riverside Farm is one of the country’s most exclusive wedding venues.

At all of our Pittsfield, Vermont properties we strive to make your wedding weekend an event you will treasure forever, and we look forward to assisting you every step of the way. If you dream of an elegant wedding at an exquisite country farm, then Riverside Farm is the place for you. We offer you the seclusion, elegance and natural perfection that every couple deserves on their wedding day. Riverside Farm means unparalleled privacy and charm.

With 6 gathering sites available at Riverside Farm alone the possibilities to create your own perfect Vermont destination wedding are nearly endless.  From the wedding meadow surrounded by Vermont's Green Mountains to the rustic elegance of our Brown Barn reception area - Riverside Farm is the perfect starting point for your creativity.  Our meticulous and responsive staff will work with you to design a refined and elegant country wedding.

From antique tractors, to copper lanterns, to wooden farm tables at your fingertips to decorate your Vermont Wedding can turn any event into a wedding you and your guests will always remember. Riverside farm has fabulous barns filled with charming antiques to decorate your wedding.  The grounds also include the stunning 1 mile Stone Staircase leading to a mountain top cabin with 360 degree views.

Overnight wedding accommodations on the estate at Riverside Farm are available for up to twenty-five people.  On our surrounding properties we are able to accommodate another 140-plus guests. Your friends and family will stay in unique accommodations, including the River Studio, the Caretaker’s Cottage, and the recently renovated Stables, as well as the stunning Bridal Suite and new Groom’s Cabin.  Or stay at the uniquely restored Amee Farm Lodge chosen by USA Today as one of New England's coziest B&Bs.  Riverside Farm will provide you and your guests with a wedding experience they will never forget.  

When I realized I wouldn't be able to break away from our daily lives for a weekend getaway to the Riverside and Amee Farms, we (Vermont Perfection & I) thought it would make the perfect giveaway for Louisiana Bride readers.

Y'all know how much we love a good B&B around here, and Riverside Farm looks to be the ultimate in relaxing beautiful spots.

After talking to Brenda from Riverside Farms I didn't want to visit, I was ready to pack my bags and tell them I was moving in. I could seriously die happy if all I did was plan weddings here.

Trust me, I'll be so jealous of whoever wins this! I begged Jeremy to let us go spend a weekend there just to relax and review an amazing wedding venue.

Now before we get to the Getaway Giveaway, let me tell you just what you'd get.
2 night stay at Amee Farm Lodge Deluxe Continental Breakfast each morning of stay Gift Certificate for Lunch to Original General Store Welcome Basket/Bag from Riverside Farm -Package Value of $600
While you're there, you can choose from many activities such as:: 30+ miles of hiking and biking on the Green Mountain Trails, yoga classes, snow-shoeing right out our back door, skiing at Killington and Pico, tubing on the Tweed River, kayaking and fishing at Kent Pond and Tweed River, on-site massages, tours of the Amee Farm with Sweet Georgia P’s, and of course, just relaxing by the fire or on the porch at the lodge. The night life on Killington in the winter draws in wonderful bands – it is just about 15 minutes from Riverside Farm, and there are great restaurants too. If you have an engaged friend, this is just the thing to tell them about. I'm sure they'd love checking out Riverside, and probably wouldn't leave without booking the venue. Now who wants to go to am amazing farm in Vermont? All you need to do is "like" Riverside Farms to place your entry and follow a few steps!

I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I am simply sharing a great wedding venue that I'd be happy to get married in with my readers. 

The Secret Language | What's Your Secret Language Name?

Growing up I always loved to pull out the news paper and see what the day's horoscope was for Pisces, that's my sign. Don't think I'm about to go all weird on you, I didn't believe in the stuff, it was just fun to look at everyone's horoscope every day.

In college I read this book about how certain birthdays matched well with other's for relationships, I didn't pull it out to decide if I should date Jeremy, but I did like reading just for interest way back in the day.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a book at the store that had information about a person based on their birthday that wasn't based on all that astronomy mumbo jumbo. It was done as a survey of thousands of people (20,000) and just gave what common traits were shared with people born on that day, not the junk you find in the paper that you have no clue how it came to be.

The Secret Language | What's Your Secret Language Name?

I was intrigued at just how accurate it was about my personality.

Seriously spot on in a few areas.

Somethings, not so much. Otherwise, it definitely described my outlook on life.

I definitely fit what my Sun sign, Pisces, says about my personality; I'm a dreamer, through and through.

When I was asked to check out the Secret Language page I couldn't wait to see if it had my personality pegged or not. (My husband thought it was a nutty thing to be interested in, but I think it's fun.)

Just like their book that I happened upon months ago, it nearly had me pegged. The part about health for my birthday was definitely spot on.

The Secret Language | What's Your Secret Language Name?

What's even more fun that checking out your own birthday, is checking our your friends and then comparing birthdays with the Secret Language relationship checker.

If you've never been to the Secret Language site before you definitely should have some fun and plug in your birthday. It's free to use, just hop over and find out what your birthday says about you for yourself.

The Secret Language Name things about your "natural identity." For instance, it says that Lincoln was an "Intentional Unifier," and that Mother Teresa was an "Innocent Supportive Partner."

If you go to their main page there is a video at the bottom about celebrities who have the Secret Language book. Apparently Taylor Swift got one for her birthday last year.

So have some fun, stop by the Secret Language site, and find out what your birthday says about you. Then come back and share it with me. Let me know if you think it describes you, or if it was totally off. Either way you'll have fun, and you might find out that the massive group of people surveyed for Secret Language did have a thing or two in common based on their birthday.

For Feburary 25 my Secret Language name is Empowered for a Higher Cause, what's yours? 
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


We Just Click {Helzberg Diamonds Giveaway}

If you could capture your relationship in three images what would they be? 

It actually took me a little while to answer my own question, I dug through the backed up photo log that is this blog, search Facebook, and looked all over my computer. It's hard to describe yourself in images when your husband hides from the camera.

I often joke about how we started dating, I actually did my best to repel Jeremy and get him to stop trying to come around.

That didn't work so well.

A stubborn man always gets what he wants, and this one just ignored me until I agreed to date him. 

The beginning of our relationship was definitely more carefree, fun, and well... college. There is just something to be said about dating in college, the easy schedules, minimal bills, going on dates all the time, and never once dragging in the work exhaustion. It's much more lighted hearted and fun, you don't think clearly.

Things that would obviously be problems down the road are glazed over in the newly dating dream world.

 It's never until much later that you actually begin to have to work on your relationship and dig deeper into why you want to be with someone.

The picture above was from right after we were engaged and at the local fair. 

From the beginning our personalities clicked. Even though we are vastly different, we had enough in common and were enough alike personality wise that we have always had fun together. 

The photos that I think describe us the best are the goofy, unposed, and carefree ones. 

A big turn around in our relationship, was our trip to Italy.

Life up until then was hectic, we had just moved 5 hours away, Jeremy was constantly in graduate classes, and I was essentially alone all the time. Getting away that first Christmas of graduate school gave us a chance to reconnect and remember how much fun we could have together. This particular picture was our last night in Rome, on our probably 6th gelato of the trip. Finally after all the stress, we were clicking again like we did in the beginning. Since then we've had no problem staying connected. I think it's always important to remember what made your relationship "click" to begin with. I know it is for me, with graduate school stress as a constant it helps to be reminded of what I loved about Jeremy in the first place.

Now it's your turn to tell us how your relationship "just clicks"::

Helzberg Diamonds’ “We Just Click” photo contest::

Helzberg’s “We Just Click” photo contest invites you to show how you and your significant other “click” for a chance to win a $1,000 Helzberg gift card to put towards the purchase of an ideal cut diamond from the new My Diamond Story collection!

Whether you’re just starting your happily ever after or have chapters behind you, entering the contest is as easy as a snap. Simply visit and share three photos representing your relationship. It can be a photo of the two of you, a significant time or place or a special memory, whatever makes your journey picture-perfect! After uploading three photos, provide one caption that is ten words or less.

Once the Helzberg Diamonds’ judges identify the finalists, you get to call the “shots” and help pick the winner as the finalists are revealed, and the public determines which couple they really click with. Will it be one of you?

The contest runs from Oct. 18-Nov. 6 and the winner will be announced Dec. 1.

Be sure to subscribe to the Helzberg Diamonds email to receive the latest on deals and offers. Also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

I received a sample product for the purpose of this post. The opinions are my own, based on my experience. 

Style with Vision :: Is Your Vision Insured?

Four years ago, after noticing my eyesight wasn't what it use to be, I broke down and got glasses. I'm a huge chicken when it comes to eye doctors, so you know I was blind as a bat when I finally went through with it. From the beginning of my first year teaching, to the end of the year my vision completely blurred as far as distance goes.
From August to May I went from being able to read the board from my desk to not being able to read letters on the white board at all. I was lucky that our insurance covered the doctor appointment, but I had to come out of pocket for my glasses, and it seriously limited my selection. Aside from my own glasses, I've noticed my students over the years often don't have the proper eyewear, or have very cheaply made glasses. All because it's what they could afford. All of the out of pocket eyewear expenses could be avoided with a little vision insurance. We're willing to pay for health, dental, rental, car, and even pet insurance, so why not have vision insurance that covers what matters. The actual glasses. VSP individual insurance is affordable and helps you to get the eyewear you want, and let's face it... your glasses are the only fashion statement you can get insurance for.
VSP Vision with Style | Pumpkin Patch
With vision insurance I'm not as in shock when I leave the eye doctor. My first visit I had no idea I would be paying for the visit, lenses, and the frames. It was like being told I had to order my burger with out the combo. I was new to the whole process and my wallet was too. It blew my mind that I was spending hundreds of dollars on glasses, and they weren't even that nice. It was just what was in our price range. Recently glasses have become popular again. Certain frames are in style, and I've even seen people wearing fake glasses just to get the look. With insurance from VSP Direct you can complete outfit and "insure" your look with great vision insurance. VSP is the only not-for-profit vision care company in the nation, and they've spent the better part of a decade developing great vision plans that are now available in nearly every state. Depending on where you live you could have a vision plan for less than $16 a month in 46 states. Honestly, I paid more overall for my first pair of glasses than a year's worth of insurance from VSP would have cost me. My favorite part of VSP insurance, they don't limit the glasses you can get. They offer dozens of styles to fit the look you want. The first time I bought glasses I had to look at price tags, if I had be insured by VSP at the time I could have been worry free and just picked out the pair that suited me best. So what all does VSP vision insurance cover?
  • eye exam with a low co-pay
  • allowance for glasses or contacts, with fully covered lens options
  • lowest out of pocket cost in vision care with average savings of $227
  • 100% satisfaction guarenteed
  • 300,000 providers in convenient locations, making VSP the largest doctor network in the industry
Imagine how great this outfit would be with glasses just like the sunglasses! 
Now I have something really awesome for y'all! 
 - Head on over to the VSP Facebook page to enter to win $50 Nine West gift card and 1 year of free Vision Coverage! (9 winners) 
 - 1 grand prize winner will get $500 Nine West gift card and a free year of Vision Coverage. 
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Influenster The Good Life VoxBox

It's high time for another VoxBox, and Influenster delivered this month with The Good Life VoxBox!

Health and fitness is something we love, it's a constant give and take to find balance. All in all though, it's definitely a way of life worth pursuing.

The theme of the end of summer VoxBox was indeed health & fitness. The focus is on how we live and the everyday pursuit of health and happiness.

Pursuit is definitely the best word to use, and Influenster hit that on the head, health and happiness are two things you will never get to the end of and feel like you've completed it. It's a journey.

So let's get on into our products and talk about the samples that were sent!

New-Skin Liquid Bandage ($7.29) :: Cover. Protect. Prevent. This product dries quickly to form a tough protective cover that is antisptic, flexible, waterproof, and lets skin breathe.

I like this! it is definitely easier to apply than the liquid bandage from years ago with the little brush. This went on quick and my awful papercut didn't bother me once more. I also can't feel it, in the past using liquid bandage felt like super glue was stuck to my skin, New Skin has definitely come and log way and improved their product.

ZonePerfect Greek Yogurt Bars ($1.15 per bar) :: Protein to help keep you in your zone and flavor to keep you happy while you're there. Now made with the creaminess of Greek yogurt.

It tasted good, but the protein wasn't enough to justify it. Yes, it's better than a candy bar, but it wasn't very filling. 

UrgentRx Fast Powders ($1.39) :: Credit card-sized packets of fast-acting flavored powder medication. No water. No waiting. Just right now.

I haven't have a reason to take it yet, but I promise you this is sitting in my purse waiting on the moment. I love the idea and the packaging. I've never been one to take the powders because they taste so nasty, but I can definitely get behind the lemon-lime. 

the Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia ($16.99) :: check out the weight management product that's ben getting all the buzz lately. Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit native to Southeast Asia, India, and West Africa, and may support appetite control.

While I haven't lost any weight for the two weeks I've taken it, I do see a big difference in how hungry I am. Plus it's much cheaper than other brands of appetite control supplements (at least the natural ones).

Nonni's THINaddictives ($3.99) :: This chewy crunchy cookie loaded with cranberries and almonds is a satisfying treat you can feel good about. At only 100 calories, these 3 count packs fit the bill for any snacking occasion.

I ate these with my coffee one morning and they were yummy. I love almond/cranberry combinations so I was quite happy. I'm not a big biscotti person, there's another cookie I'd rather dip in my coffee, but these were still good! 

Out of the products mentioned, have you tried any?
Which ones do you plan to test out for yourself? 

All products reviewed received in this post were complimentary of Influenster. All views expressed are my own and I was not compensated monetarily for this review. 

Baby Bracelet Giveaway from One Beautiful Baby

It's the end of summer and it seems like everyone is having babies right now.

So what a better way to end the season 
than with a nautical baby bracelet giveaway 

One Beautiful Baby is an Etsy shop 
started by a dear friend of mine, Stephanie!

She makes super cute baby jewelry,
and has recently started making glass earrings. 

Not only that the girl can sew,
she's been talking about eventually
adding her aprons and baby bibs to the shop! 

Today Stephanie is giving away 2 baby bracelets
to the lovely readers at Louisiana Bride.

You have two chances to win, 
the first winner will receive the blue & gold bracelet,
the second winner will receive the blue & white bracelet.

These would make a great gift for a pregnant girlfriend, sister,
or even for your own beautiful baby. 

Entering is simple
just log in and follow the entry steps below!

Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

Recently I was sent a few bottles of neuro Bliss to try out, and today we're talking about it... and stress. 
Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss
Seriously, as I school teacher I can't seem to get away from the stress. Instead of just having it come down from my boss, it's also caused by kids and parents. Teaching just hits you from every direction. Before I became a teacher I was a lot more chilled out, slept better, and had fewer breakouts (all my skin issues are stress related). At the end of the day I am in pain from being so tense, hoarse from speaking so much, and mentally fried from putting everything I had into it. I should be able to avoid that, but I can't. I workout every day as a means to burn off stress, but it only works so much. Honestly, and I had to admit it, I take melatonin every night of the school year just to help me sleep. Otherwise I wake up several times a night frantically thinking about what I "have" to do when I get up. Then I start spazing out that I am awake and am losing precious sleep minutes. It's a nasty cycle. Let's face it though, we are all super stressed out all the time!
Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss
This is why when I was approached to try out neuro Bliss I jumped at the idea. You're telling me you can de-stress me? Okay, let's go! I'd stand on my head for an hour if it meant I was less stressed out. Plus they promise "happiness in every bottle." A teacher just can't say no to that!
Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss
Before we get into how much I loved neuro Bliss let's cover just what it's about! - neuro Bliss is designed to reduce stress & relax the mind. - It contains chamomile, a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants ( L-theanine) to produce relaxation and enhance focus. - The combo provides a calming effect & promotes a positive outlook by reducing stress levels, improving memory, improving attention, and supporting the brain. - it's only 35 calories and has no artificial flavors or colors. Or you could just read the bottle yourself...
Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss
I personally loved it. My biggest stress time is at night. I just can't for the life of me shut my mind off and go to sleep. So on a few of my worst sleeping nights, as in the first day of school, I drank my neuro Bliss before hitting the sack. Seriously, it was the best sleep I'd had in weeks. I woke up less ready to hurt someone for waking me up. I made it to work on time, and somehow kept my cool all day long.
Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss
I thought about taking one to work with me, but night time is always the worst. I just can't unwind. I also know they make one for sleep, holy Moses if this one chilled me out that well who knows how great I'd sleep with the other! Ha! The flavor the neuro Bliss comes in is lyche, I'm not the biggest lyche fan, but the taste was nice. I also don't like carbonated drinks at all, I maybe drink one a month on average. neuro Bliss is lightly carbonated, and when they say lightly carbonated they mean it. It has just enough carbonation that it had a slight bubble at the end, it was enjoyable and pleasant and not at all like the abrasive fountain sodas that I so despise.
neuro Bliss infographic
I really love the product and would recommend it to anyone. It tastes good, but the effects way surpass the flavor. So go ahead and pick up a bottle, they sell the at Target if that is any incentive (you know you love some Target shopping), and Bliss & Tell your Blissful Moment. Be sure you Bliss & Tell for a chance to win a $10K dream vacation!
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

$50 Minted Giveaway

I was compensated for writing this post and hosting a giveaway by Minted. 

If you haven't heard of Minted by now you are probably living in the dark.

I discovered them sometime last year and so desperately wish I had known of them back 4 years ago when I was wedding planning because Minted wedding invitations are to die for.

Minted not only does amazing wedding invites, they also sell stationary, holiday cards, shower invitations, and so much more. One thing I am really loving are their Art Prints, the Home Sweet Home print in their Art Walls is darling.

I honestly was the type of person who only purchased stationary items when it came time for Christmas or Weddings, but Minted has taken stationary to another level and given the consumer more reasons than just holidays and special events to purchase or even need stationary.

My Art Wall by Anna, see more Minted

My Art Wall board by Anna. See more Minted

Because honestly, I think I need that Home Sweet Home print.

Another aspect of the Minted site I am loving is their Inspiration Boards.

On a side note :: you really need to go check out and even make an inspiration board at Minted very soon, they are hosting a Summer Party and giving away $1100 in Minted Prizes in their Inspiration Board Challenge.

Roses and Strawberries at Sunset by April, see more Minted

Roses and Strawberries at Sunset board by April. See more Minted

The particular board above is exactly what I would want if I could redo out wedding. What I love most about the Minted Inspiration Board idea is that it would be great to create one, with the wedding invite you are using, and add it to your wedding binder. Even make several copies of it so the vendors you visit can get a good idea of what you want your wedding to look like.

 I didn't have this at all so I just handed out handfulls of photos to every vendor hoping they would get my idea, with the inspiration board feature you can easily have your entire look in one easy spot.

Vintage Glam by Erica Miller, see more unique Minted wedding invitations

Vintage Glam board by Erica Miller. See more unique Minted wedding invitations

Are you just drooling over Minted already?

Well, one of our lucky readers will be receiving a $50 store credit to Minted! So get excited, and check out the Minted site so you know exactly what you will be buying when you win.


U by Kotex Sleek Review #spon

Recently I was sent a box of U by Kotex Sleek to test out and "Do the Demo." 

Being that I have stuck to the same tampon brand for years it was a huge step to try out a new product, especially for this topic. No one wants something to go array during that time of the month. 

Toothpaste, sure. Tampons, makes me nervous. 

From the get-go I was impressed with Kotex. In the past I've used their panty liners, but I have never touched their tampons. Honest to goodness, I'm a convert.

I haven't always used tampons, I didn't find them to be comfortable in the past. It wasn't actually until I worked outdoors one summer and the sweltering Louisiana heat mixed with sweating like crazy landed me a awful rash from using pads. The next day I jumped on the tampon bandwagon.

It took a bit of time to find a tampon I liked, and like I said I tend to not change unless given great reason to.

I was iffy on the notion, but I tested them out for a week while on my feet and unable to attend to any mistakes all that easily. Needless to say the protection was awesome. No slipups what so ever, even on the evening I was teaching at VBS and couldn't escape the classroom all that easily.

Now while these tampons are the super plus variety, they don't seem like it at all. I vividly remember being in junior high in the late 90's and seeing a super tampon, it was massive and I really wondered why anyone would want to inflict such pain upon themselves.

Lucky for us U by Kotex Sleek has brought tampons to a new era.

One of the biggest first impressions for me was the super easy to open wrapper.

I honestly don't want to sound like a commercial here, but really, it is the easiest to open wrapper I've ever used. I once dropped my only tampon in a toilet while fighting a wrapper, this wrapper put up no such fight.

With the wrapper opening so easily and actually opening up the full width of the wrapper it allowed me to easily hide the applicator back into the package as to toss it in the trash discretely.

Now remember with me the horrors of tampon applicators in the 90's.

I seem to recall a lot of cardboard and even a few with no actual applicator.


U by Kotex Sleek is seriously like no other when it comes to their slim applicator. When I first got the box I knew it said super plus, but when I pulled out the first tampon I second guessed it for a second.

Even with it's sleek size U by Kotex doesn't sacrifice absorption power. Instead you get comfort and ease in a full size tampon that doesn't seem massive.

I was also slightly shocked when I first felt the grip on the applicator, it is soft and rubbery in a way that will keep your for slipping and risking losing that tampon to the potty.

We've all dropped one at some point, and it isn't pretty.

U by Kotex's no slip grip and soft tip allows for easy insertion and "just right" placement the first time.

Overall I am extremely happy with U by Kotex Sleek and plan to switch my loyalties over to this brand from now on. As great at the super plus absorbed I can't wait to try out the regular and super next time.

With "that time of the month" being as miserable at it is there is no reason to make the tampon aspect of it miserable as well, U by Kotex Sleek took the worry out of it and replaced it with a super sleek, super comfortable tampon.

If you'd like to try out U by Kotex Sleek for yourself check out their website to request a free sample!

Show your love for U by Kotex by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter.

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

Influenster Spring Fever Voxbox

Looking for some fun spring/summer beauty products to spruce up your routine? Influenster definitely has that covered with this month's Spring Fever Voxbox. 

Seriously, nothing makes me happier than snail mail and fun beauty products. Especially when fun products I've wanted to try show up in my mail box. Today we are talking this month's Voxbox, and it isn't short on fun beauty products to bring you straight from spring into the very near summer.

NYC New York Color Applelicious Gossy Lip Balm  ($2.99) :: Delivers color, shine, and moisture. The super cute apple shaped core is filled with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil.

It definitely lived up to it's description, my lips were shiny with just a touch of pink. The lip balm is great for someone looking for a little color as well as a balm that can compete with your favorite heavy duty lip balms.

OSiS Gelastic ($18) :: Ultra strong flex gel that provides all day control and dries firm.

Considering I have long hair I opted to let my husband try this one out.  Definitely a great product for shorter styled hair.

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure ($5.99-7.99) :: features advanced nail technology that allows you to get a salon perfect mani in seconds. There is no drying involved and this manicure will last up to a week.

I love this idea, I'm not one to get a fake mani at the nail salon, so this is a great option if I am wanting to play with color a little more. Instead of just painting your nails the basic shades, Broadway Nails offers fun designs in an easy to apply press-on nail.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant ($4.59) :: Leaves fewer white marks on clothing than the next invisible solid. Secret offers 48 hour wetness and odor protection at a low price.

I used this the other day before working out and was impressed. Typically gel doesn't fair so well on me, Outlast Clear Gel stood the test of working out and kept me dry and odor free. This could definitely keep me from stealing my hubby's deodorant during the hot summer months.

Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes ($4.49 per box) :: Light and fluffy chocolate enrobed cakes with delicious cream filling in a unique kandy bar shape. Available in S'more, Peppermint, and Peanut Butter.

I received the S'mores flavor and was thrilled! I ran into these at the store a few weeks back and broke my "no buying box snack cakes" rule to try them out. Of the snack cakes I've tasted over the years this one is super yummy. Tastykake really nailed it on the head...and no I didn't share mine at all.

Out of the products mentioned today, which have you tried? 
Are there any you plan to test out yourself? 

All products reviewed received in this post were complimentary of Influenster. All views expressed are my own and I was not compensated monetarily for this review. 

Me Strength Review & A Discount Code

It should be no surprise that I love fitness, I think I probably talk about it and food just a bit too much. However, when I came across a company called Me Strength and read what they had to say on their website, I knew I needed to try it out. 

"Sports drinks" are in massive abundance. The only problem is that they are either crazy high calorie, or are as nutritionally void as a coke. (I tried to type out a million different soft drink names...but let's face it, in the south you call everything carbonated a coke.) Know this about sports drinks I really was interested when I saw what was in Me Strength. 

Me Strength isn't loaded with sugar, it isn't sold on tap at fast food restaurants...and they don't have a diet version. That right there should tell you that the drink you are getting is no bueno, if it's so great for you it wouldn't need a diet version. 

So, what does Me Strength have?

5 Electrolytes
No Calories
No Carbs
No Sugars 
100% Isotonic

If you look on their site right here you can find a side by side comparison with other drinks. What impresses me most is that there are no stimulants, no preservatives, no stabilizers, and no HFCs

When I was a big weight lifter back in college I took CLA and Creatine regularly, as soon as I got my package of Me Strength in the mail and saw the front where it said Creatine and Electrolytes I got super husband looked at me stupid excited. 

Me Strength really does have everything I have looked for in a workout drink, I really don't even want to call it a "Sports Drink" because it give me the mental image of the sugary ones sold at fast food places these days. It's honestly not that at all. I really wish we would have known about the company two years ago when Jeremy was out running Marathons and training like a mad man, Me Strength would have done wonders for him while running outside all summer in the scorching Louisiana heat. 

Now let's talk about flavors!

Me Strength comes in 5 flavors, Lemon-Lime, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange, Fruit Punch, and Grape. I tried out the flavors you see above in the picture and let me tell you, Kiwi Strawberry was my favorite. Orange and Lemon-Lime were yummy too, but this girl apparently holds true to her strawberry drink flavor addiction ha! 

A few other things you might like to know...this stuff mixes insanely easy, even in cold water. Many products and protein powders I have used over the year do not dissolve or mix well in cold water. Me Strength mixed in without me having to shake it half to death. I simply tossed it it my water bottle and just slightly shook it to dissolve. 

The recommended amount of water to add it to is 16-20oz, the first few times I did that and afterwards I filled up my big 32oz bottle, mixed my Me Strength, and headed out to the track to workout. I wanted to still make sure I was getting all the water I needed, and even when mixed at up to 32oz Me Strength tasted great. It was a little watered down when I did that, but it definitely helped me get my water intake in. 

I can't say enough good things about this product and can tell you honestly that we will be using this in our little family. 

Also, Ted from Me Strength was super nice to offer my readers a 10% off discount code, when combined with the websites current 5% off code that is a total savings of 15%! 

So Louisiana Bride readers, use XUE6HGXF for 10% off on the Me Strength website! 

Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway!

I am so excited about the giveaway that Firmoo contacted me about hosting for my readers! You may have read a few weeks back when I reviewed my own pair of Firmoo glasses, I loved them, and I still love them. When I was doing my review I just kept wishing I could offer a pair of their wonderful glasses to my readers, and today I finally can.

Since summer is on the horizon Firmoo has been gracious enough to give away a pair of their super cute sunglasses to one of my lucky readers and 6 e-vouchers for $20 off a pair of sunglasses!

About Firmoo::

We're the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store with 580K+ fans on Face book. Our mission is to offer varieties of unbelievable cheap yet fashionable prescription & Plano eyewear to the consuming public. All of our eyewear is directly from affiliate factory, so our price is 85%~90% lower than that in the traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Not only do I love Firmoo because they sent me a trendy pair of glasses, they really are affordable. Plus thier customer service is amazing, I was having trouble with my prescription and someone contacted me, I took a pic of the written prescription and it was handled like it was no biggie.
Their website also has this cool feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually "try on" glasses. When I ordered I just browsed through until I saw someone with my face shape wearing the glasses I wanted, it was such a breeze. 

Here lately I've been driving around wearing my non-prescriptoin sunglasses and narrowly escaping death each time I hope behind the wheel, very soon I will be hitting up the Firmoo site and getting myself a pair of prescription sunglasses. Not only do they have regular glasses that you can get made into sunglasses...they also have a sunglasses line! So awesome. Here is a quick tutorial for how to make your glasses into sunglasses with Firmoo is you are interested. 

If you are having trouble placing your order like I did, there is a very helpful tutorial here. 
For help with shipping and tracking feel free to check out the tutorial here. 

Now, what are some of my current favorite glasses at Firmoo? 

I'm just a little obsessed with these ::

And these ::

So who wants to win a pair of Firmoo Sunglasses

Firmoo is giving away 1 pair of sunglasses to a lucky reader as well as 7 e-voucher for $20 off if 50+ people enter, if less than 50 people enter they are only offering 6 e-vouchers! So spread the word to increase your chances to win!!

This giveaway is sponsored by Firmoo. I was not paid to promote this post, nor was I provided a product. I really do like this company and love sharing things I love with my readers!

Favorite Things Giveaway :: Coffee Edition

As a huge thank you to everyone who reads Louisiana Bride and follows on Facebook, Twitter, IG and everywhere else I am having a little celebratory giveaway! We hit 200 followers on Facebook and with GFC this week, whoo hoo! 
Since I am a coffee addict, thanks to Jeremy, I thought it would be neat to do another favorite things type giveaway, but do it with coffee! 
So you have the chance to win a super cute green Lotus Blossom coffee/tea mug from World Market and either a can of Cafe Du Monde coffee or a box of your favorite K-Cups. You get to pick, mainly because not everyone has a coffee maker anymore, a lot of people use Keurig these days. 
So, who wants some coffee and a cute mug? 
Giveaway sponsored by Louisiana Bride. I was in no way paid to promote these brands, they are just products I love, products were purchased by Louisiana Bride.