Firmoo Review & their current code for free shipping

Recently I was contacted about reviewing a glasses company, seeing as how I wear glasses an all I was totally in for a free pair:) Since this is my review obviously all opinions are my own, I was compensated by Firmoo with a free pair of prescription glasses for this review. 

So how do I feel about Firmoo

At first I was skeptical about it, and honestly had a hard time putting my prescription into the site. Which wasn't their problem at all, it was entirely the fact that my prescription was written in some weird doctor's office shorthand. Funny thing is, when I went to get my prescription the girl looked at me nuts...when I explain why I needed it (that I was a blogger) she looked at me even crazier! 

With all my prescription craziness one of the nice people at Firmoo actually emailed me to tell me the prescription was wack. Yes, yes it was entered quite wack, he didn't exactly use those words...but let's be honest. What I wrote down was a little off and I was just guessing what on earth the girl at the doctor meant by the crazy numbers she wrote. I didn't know what to write the poor guy who was left to deal with me, so I sent him a phone photo of the prescription and within a day I got a confirmation that my glasses were about to ship. was super quick. Jeremy actually got my glasses in last week over spring break and I just got my hands on them this past weekend. I thought I'd actually test these puppies out before writing this post about how great they were...without even knowing.

I can honestly tell you though they are great glasses. Friday I wore them to Secret Church and loved that the shape of them really kept me from looking over or under them like I do with my regular glasses. Jeremy actually commented that I better be glad this frame is in style these days. 

Really though, they have a mirad of frame choices...I just picked these because I've been dying for a pair for about a solid year now since my favorite blogger got some. Why yes Louisiana Bride readers...I'm a copy cat when it comes to prescription eye wear:) 

Saturday I wore them to play tennis, which I am positive is the sure fire test of good glasses. I didn't have a single problem with them, they stayed put and weren't uncomfortable at all. Not once did they attempted to leave my face my the first pair of glasses I ever owned and purchased from a big mall store often tried to do. 

Then I wore them Sunday for Easter...I went the pastel granola Target hipster route. 

I have been wearing them to work these week, and once the students decided I wasn't wearing fake glasses like they were they decided my glasses were really cool. You know you're cool when the upper elementary fashion police approve ha! 

With the glasses I was also provided with a nice fancy glasses wipe with Firmoo's logo on it, a really nice lined hard case, and a case for the hard case to go in. Truly, for the price it would have cost me, had I paid, and for the quality of the product that I received was much better....way way better than any glasses company I've ever dealt with. Really and truly in the future I will be ordering glasses from them, not like this year in the future...but next year when I go for another checkup. 

Working with Firmoo was great, they were super helpful when my tech-non-savy self couldn't figure something out. The product they put out there is worth every penny you would spend, and they definitely beat the competitors prices. 

Now that is what I feel is most important, but there are other features the company offers that are really nice such as:

-personal photo upload so that the customer can "try on" the glasses before ordering.
-customer reviews and pictures on every glasses style page.
-easy to navigate site
-tutorials for putting in your prescription information, and a friendly staff to help with questoins
-quality lenses
-affordable prices
-they even have computer glasses (which I didn't know existed)

I highly recommend you check out the website, even if you aren't a prescription glasses wearer. They carry sunglasses and regular glasses with or without the prescription as well. On the site right now Firmoo is offering free shipping on orders of $39 or more in the U.S. with the code FREESHIP or for orders $55 dollars or more internationally with the code FREEXSHIP

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