Me Strength Review & A Discount Code

It should be no surprise that I love fitness, I think I probably talk about it and food just a bit too much. However, when I came across a company called Me Strength and read what they had to say on their website, I knew I needed to try it out. 

"Sports drinks" are in massive abundance. The only problem is that they are either crazy high calorie, or are as nutritionally void as a coke. (I tried to type out a million different soft drink names...but let's face it, in the south you call everything carbonated a coke.) Know this about sports drinks I really was interested when I saw what was in Me Strength. 

Me Strength isn't loaded with sugar, it isn't sold on tap at fast food restaurants...and they don't have a diet version. That right there should tell you that the drink you are getting is no bueno, if it's so great for you it wouldn't need a diet version. 

So, what does Me Strength have?

5 Electrolytes
No Calories
No Carbs
No Sugars 
100% Isotonic

If you look on their site right here you can find a side by side comparison with other drinks. What impresses me most is that there are no stimulants, no preservatives, no stabilizers, and no HFCs

When I was a big weight lifter back in college I took CLA and Creatine regularly, as soon as I got my package of Me Strength in the mail and saw the front where it said Creatine and Electrolytes I got super husband looked at me stupid excited. 

Me Strength really does have everything I have looked for in a workout drink, I really don't even want to call it a "Sports Drink" because it give me the mental image of the sugary ones sold at fast food places these days. It's honestly not that at all. I really wish we would have known about the company two years ago when Jeremy was out running Marathons and training like a mad man, Me Strength would have done wonders for him while running outside all summer in the scorching Louisiana heat. 

Now let's talk about flavors!

Me Strength comes in 5 flavors, Lemon-Lime, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange, Fruit Punch, and Grape. I tried out the flavors you see above in the picture and let me tell you, Kiwi Strawberry was my favorite. Orange and Lemon-Lime were yummy too, but this girl apparently holds true to her strawberry drink flavor addiction ha! 

A few other things you might like to know...this stuff mixes insanely easy, even in cold water. Many products and protein powders I have used over the year do not dissolve or mix well in cold water. Me Strength mixed in without me having to shake it half to death. I simply tossed it it my water bottle and just slightly shook it to dissolve. 

The recommended amount of water to add it to is 16-20oz, the first few times I did that and afterwards I filled up my big 32oz bottle, mixed my Me Strength, and headed out to the track to workout. I wanted to still make sure I was getting all the water I needed, and even when mixed at up to 32oz Me Strength tasted great. It was a little watered down when I did that, but it definitely helped me get my water intake in. 

I can't say enough good things about this product and can tell you honestly that we will be using this in our little family. 

Also, Ted from Me Strength was super nice to offer my readers a 10% off discount code, when combined with the websites current 5% off code that is a total savings of 15%! 

So Louisiana Bride readers, use XUE6HGXF for 10% off on the Me Strength website! 

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