Baby Bracelet Giveaway from One Beautiful Baby

It's the end of summer and it seems like everyone is having babies right now.

So what a better way to end the season 
than with a nautical baby bracelet giveaway 

One Beautiful Baby is an Etsy shop 
started by a dear friend of mine, Stephanie!

She makes super cute baby jewelry,
and has recently started making glass earrings. 

Not only that the girl can sew,
she's been talking about eventually
adding her aprons and baby bibs to the shop! 

Today Stephanie is giving away 2 baby bracelets
to the lovely readers at Louisiana Bride.

You have two chances to win, 
the first winner will receive the blue & gold bracelet,
the second winner will receive the blue & white bracelet.

These would make a great gift for a pregnant girlfriend, sister,
or even for your own beautiful baby. 

Entering is simple
just log in and follow the entry steps below!


  1. I like the silver baby bracelet


  3. Baltic Amber Baby bracelets