Influenster The Good Life VoxBox

It's high time for another VoxBox, and Influenster delivered this month with The Good Life VoxBox!

Health and fitness is something we love, it's a constant give and take to find balance. All in all though, it's definitely a way of life worth pursuing.

The theme of the end of summer VoxBox was indeed health & fitness. The focus is on how we live and the everyday pursuit of health and happiness.

Pursuit is definitely the best word to use, and Influenster hit that on the head, health and happiness are two things you will never get to the end of and feel like you've completed it. It's a journey.

So let's get on into our products and talk about the samples that were sent!

New-Skin Liquid Bandage ($7.29) :: Cover. Protect. Prevent. This product dries quickly to form a tough protective cover that is antisptic, flexible, waterproof, and lets skin breathe.

I like this! it is definitely easier to apply than the liquid bandage from years ago with the little brush. This went on quick and my awful papercut didn't bother me once more. I also can't feel it, in the past using liquid bandage felt like super glue was stuck to my skin, New Skin has definitely come and log way and improved their product.

ZonePerfect Greek Yogurt Bars ($1.15 per bar) :: Protein to help keep you in your zone and flavor to keep you happy while you're there. Now made with the creaminess of Greek yogurt.

It tasted good, but the protein wasn't enough to justify it. Yes, it's better than a candy bar, but it wasn't very filling. 

UrgentRx Fast Powders ($1.39) :: Credit card-sized packets of fast-acting flavored powder medication. No water. No waiting. Just right now.

I haven't have a reason to take it yet, but I promise you this is sitting in my purse waiting on the moment. I love the idea and the packaging. I've never been one to take the powders because they taste so nasty, but I can definitely get behind the lemon-lime. 

the Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia ($16.99) :: check out the weight management product that's ben getting all the buzz lately. Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit native to Southeast Asia, India, and West Africa, and may support appetite control.

While I haven't lost any weight for the two weeks I've taken it, I do see a big difference in how hungry I am. Plus it's much cheaper than other brands of appetite control supplements (at least the natural ones).

Nonni's THINaddictives ($3.99) :: This chewy crunchy cookie loaded with cranberries and almonds is a satisfying treat you can feel good about. At only 100 calories, these 3 count packs fit the bill for any snacking occasion.

I ate these with my coffee one morning and they were yummy. I love almond/cranberry combinations so I was quite happy. I'm not a big biscotti person, there's another cookie I'd rather dip in my coffee, but these were still good! 

Out of the products mentioned, have you tried any?
Which ones do you plan to test out for yourself? 

All products reviewed received in this post were complimentary of Influenster. All views expressed are my own and I was not compensated monetarily for this review.