The Secret Language | What's Your Secret Language Name?

Growing up I always loved to pull out the news paper and see what the day's horoscope was for Pisces, that's my sign. Don't think I'm about to go all weird on you, I didn't believe in the stuff, it was just fun to look at everyone's horoscope every day.

In college I read this book about how certain birthdays matched well with other's for relationships, I didn't pull it out to decide if I should date Jeremy, but I did like reading just for interest way back in the day.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a book at the store that had information about a person based on their birthday that wasn't based on all that astronomy mumbo jumbo. It was done as a survey of thousands of people (20,000) and just gave what common traits were shared with people born on that day, not the junk you find in the paper that you have no clue how it came to be.

The Secret Language | What's Your Secret Language Name?

I was intrigued at just how accurate it was about my personality.

Seriously spot on in a few areas.

Somethings, not so much. Otherwise, it definitely described my outlook on life.

I definitely fit what my Sun sign, Pisces, says about my personality; I'm a dreamer, through and through.

When I was asked to check out the Secret Language page I couldn't wait to see if it had my personality pegged or not. (My husband thought it was a nutty thing to be interested in, but I think it's fun.)

Just like their book that I happened upon months ago, it nearly had me pegged. The part about health for my birthday was definitely spot on.

The Secret Language | What's Your Secret Language Name?

What's even more fun that checking out your own birthday, is checking our your friends and then comparing birthdays with the Secret Language relationship checker.

If you've never been to the Secret Language site before you definitely should have some fun and plug in your birthday. It's free to use, just hop over and find out what your birthday says about you for yourself.

The Secret Language Name things about your "natural identity." For instance, it says that Lincoln was an "Intentional Unifier," and that Mother Teresa was an "Innocent Supportive Partner."

If you go to their main page there is a video at the bottom about celebrities who have the Secret Language book. Apparently Taylor Swift got one for her birthday last year.

So have some fun, stop by the Secret Language site, and find out what your birthday says about you. Then come back and share it with me. Let me know if you think it describes you, or if it was totally off. Either way you'll have fun, and you might find out that the massive group of people surveyed for Secret Language did have a thing or two in common based on their birthday.

For Feburary 25 my Secret Language name is Empowered for a Higher Cause, what's yours? 
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We Just Click {Helzberg Diamonds Giveaway}

If you could capture your relationship in three images what would they be? 

It actually took me a little while to answer my own question, I dug through the backed up photo log that is this blog, search Facebook, and looked all over my computer. It's hard to describe yourself in images when your husband hides from the camera.

I often joke about how we started dating, I actually did my best to repel Jeremy and get him to stop trying to come around.

That didn't work so well.

A stubborn man always gets what he wants, and this one just ignored me until I agreed to date him. 

The beginning of our relationship was definitely more carefree, fun, and well... college. There is just something to be said about dating in college, the easy schedules, minimal bills, going on dates all the time, and never once dragging in the work exhaustion. It's much more lighted hearted and fun, you don't think clearly.

Things that would obviously be problems down the road are glazed over in the newly dating dream world.

 It's never until much later that you actually begin to have to work on your relationship and dig deeper into why you want to be with someone.

The picture above was from right after we were engaged and at the local fair. 

From the beginning our personalities clicked. Even though we are vastly different, we had enough in common and were enough alike personality wise that we have always had fun together. 

The photos that I think describe us the best are the goofy, unposed, and carefree ones. 

A big turn around in our relationship, was our trip to Italy.

Life up until then was hectic, we had just moved 5 hours away, Jeremy was constantly in graduate classes, and I was essentially alone all the time. Getting away that first Christmas of graduate school gave us a chance to reconnect and remember how much fun we could have together. This particular picture was our last night in Rome, on our probably 6th gelato of the trip. Finally after all the stress, we were clicking again like we did in the beginning. Since then we've had no problem staying connected. I think it's always important to remember what made your relationship "click" to begin with. I know it is for me, with graduate school stress as a constant it helps to be reminded of what I loved about Jeremy in the first place.

Now it's your turn to tell us how your relationship "just clicks"::

Helzberg Diamonds’ “We Just Click” photo contest::

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Once the Helzberg Diamonds’ judges identify the finalists, you get to call the “shots” and help pick the winner as the finalists are revealed, and the public determines which couple they really click with. Will it be one of you?

The contest runs from Oct. 18-Nov. 6 and the winner will be announced Dec. 1.

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Style with Vision :: Is Your Vision Insured?

Four years ago, after noticing my eyesight wasn't what it use to be, I broke down and got glasses. I'm a huge chicken when it comes to eye doctors, so you know I was blind as a bat when I finally went through with it. From the beginning of my first year teaching, to the end of the year my vision completely blurred as far as distance goes.
From August to May I went from being able to read the board from my desk to not being able to read letters on the white board at all. I was lucky that our insurance covered the doctor appointment, but I had to come out of pocket for my glasses, and it seriously limited my selection. Aside from my own glasses, I've noticed my students over the years often don't have the proper eyewear, or have very cheaply made glasses. All because it's what they could afford. All of the out of pocket eyewear expenses could be avoided with a little vision insurance. We're willing to pay for health, dental, rental, car, and even pet insurance, so why not have vision insurance that covers what matters. The actual glasses. VSP individual insurance is affordable and helps you to get the eyewear you want, and let's face it... your glasses are the only fashion statement you can get insurance for.
VSP Vision with Style | Pumpkin Patch
With vision insurance I'm not as in shock when I leave the eye doctor. My first visit I had no idea I would be paying for the visit, lenses, and the frames. It was like being told I had to order my burger with out the combo. I was new to the whole process and my wallet was too. It blew my mind that I was spending hundreds of dollars on glasses, and they weren't even that nice. It was just what was in our price range. Recently glasses have become popular again. Certain frames are in style, and I've even seen people wearing fake glasses just to get the look. With insurance from VSP Direct you can complete outfit and "insure" your look with great vision insurance. VSP is the only not-for-profit vision care company in the nation, and they've spent the better part of a decade developing great vision plans that are now available in nearly every state. Depending on where you live you could have a vision plan for less than $16 a month in 46 states. Honestly, I paid more overall for my first pair of glasses than a year's worth of insurance from VSP would have cost me. My favorite part of VSP insurance, they don't limit the glasses you can get. They offer dozens of styles to fit the look you want. The first time I bought glasses I had to look at price tags, if I had be insured by VSP at the time I could have been worry free and just picked out the pair that suited me best. So what all does VSP vision insurance cover?
  • eye exam with a low co-pay
  • allowance for glasses or contacts, with fully covered lens options
  • lowest out of pocket cost in vision care with average savings of $227
  • 100% satisfaction guarenteed
  • 300,000 providers in convenient locations, making VSP the largest doctor network in the industry
Imagine how great this outfit would be with glasses just like the sunglasses! 
Now I have something really awesome for y'all! 
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