We Just Click {Helzberg Diamonds Giveaway}

If you could capture your relationship in three images what would they be? 

It actually took me a little while to answer my own question, I dug through the backed up photo log that is this blog, search Facebook, and looked all over my computer. It's hard to describe yourself in images when your husband hides from the camera.

I often joke about how we started dating, I actually did my best to repel Jeremy and get him to stop trying to come around.

That didn't work so well.

A stubborn man always gets what he wants, and this one just ignored me until I agreed to date him. 

The beginning of our relationship was definitely more carefree, fun, and well... college. There is just something to be said about dating in college, the easy schedules, minimal bills, going on dates all the time, and never once dragging in the work exhaustion. It's much more lighted hearted and fun, you don't think clearly.

Things that would obviously be problems down the road are glazed over in the newly dating dream world.

 It's never until much later that you actually begin to have to work on your relationship and dig deeper into why you want to be with someone.

The picture above was from right after we were engaged and at the local fair. 

From the beginning our personalities clicked. Even though we are vastly different, we had enough in common and were enough alike personality wise that we have always had fun together. 

The photos that I think describe us the best are the goofy, unposed, and carefree ones. 

A big turn around in our relationship, was our trip to Italy.

Life up until then was hectic, we had just moved 5 hours away, Jeremy was constantly in graduate classes, and I was essentially alone all the time. Getting away that first Christmas of graduate school gave us a chance to reconnect and remember how much fun we could have together. This particular picture was our last night in Rome, on our probably 6th gelato of the trip. Finally after all the stress, we were clicking again like we did in the beginning. Since then we've had no problem staying connected. I think it's always important to remember what made your relationship "click" to begin with. I know it is for me, with graduate school stress as a constant it helps to be reminded of what I loved about Jeremy in the first place.

Now it's your turn to tell us how your relationship "just clicks"::

Helzberg Diamonds’ “We Just Click” photo contest::

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Whether you’re just starting your happily ever after or have chapters behind you, entering the contest is as easy as a snap. Simply visit Helzberg.com/category/wejustclick.do and share three photos representing your relationship. It can be a photo of the two of you, a significant time or place or a special memory, whatever makes your journey picture-perfect! After uploading three photos, provide one caption that is ten words or less.

Once the Helzberg Diamonds’ judges identify the finalists, you get to call the “shots” and help pick the winner as the finalists are revealed, and the public determines which couple they really click with. Will it be one of you?

The contest runs from Oct. 18-Nov. 6 and the winner will be announced Dec. 1.

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I received a sample product for the purpose of this post. The opinions are my own, based on my experience. 

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  1. now you've got me thinking! which 3 photos would sum up my relationship with my husband....what a fun thought!!