Embeding Your Memories with YesVideo

When we were growing up my grandparents splurged and bought a video camera, like the big ole bulky black video camera.

The thought reminds me of Full House episodes when the dad is recording the kids.

For years we recorded little life events on VHS, then they upgraded to the smaller camcorder that required a different tape.

It was slightly fancier, but I still cherished those early videos.

To this day I still remember the Christmas my grandparents bought the camera, it was also the Christmas we all got roller blades.

Oh those roller blades! I actually made Jeremy buy me a pair for my birthday last year.

I'm a non-athletic roller blading nerd. There, I've said it, it's out in the open.

I love roller blading but totally suck at it.

If it wasn't for the video I sent in to YesVideo there would be no reliving those days of roller blading up and down the levee... where after picking up so much speed I could only roll into the grass to crash/stop.

The video below is actually one of the 3 highlight videos that were included in my transfer. With it you get a little glimpse into our life in the 90's, it's involved a lot of skating, fireworks, spaghetti, and apparently a temper-tantrum in the closet from my cousin Chris. 
Several months ago I first heard of YesVideo while at a blog conference and was then contacted by a blog friend about sending in a video to them. I absolutely love the concept and quickly received my videos back in DVD form.

There were sharing options online, and YesVideo would even load a clip or two to YouTube for you. It was fabulous and I couldn't think of anything they could do better, until I was told they added an embed feature to their site.

Now, instead of just sharing through Facebook and email I can add in the html right to my own blog posts.

It's actually super easy to do. First sign into your account and click the Watch tab. Once you're there you can chose any clip or chapter you like, or even make a shorter snippet to share.

After you've chosen your footage click the "get embed code" at the bottom of the screen.

After clicking "get embed code" you'll see this pop up...

Copy and paste that code right into your site and you will have your home movies right! 
It's seriously that simple.

With YesVideo's new embed code y'all are a lot more likely to see the silly stories I talk about, rather than just reading the words. We all know pictures are better than typed words, and videos are better than pictures. So save your memories and send in your old home videos.

Plus I didn't know this until after I had sent in my video, but after signing up I started getting discount offers every week... and we all know how much we love a good emailed discount code.

Have you used YesVideo? If you could save one family memory what would it be? 

I was compensated for writing this post about YesVideo's new embed feature. All opinions are my own.

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