Original BOS Review

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While I was not compensated monetarily for this review, I was provided the product from Original BOS. 

Before I even get started about what I think about Original BOS, I know it's intended mainly for whiskey but I'm not exactly a drinker. I just personally really dislike ice.

Original Balls of Steel happens to be a drink cooler meant to replace ice.

Therefore, it's a match made in my ice disliking drink heaven.

Which mainly consists of water and lemonade, but I don't like my lemonade watered down any less.

This product is also mainly marketed towards men, but I happen to not be one of those? Well, I'll point this out to you, who buys gifts for our men? The women.

Original Balls of Steel also does something as I company I can gladly support, cancer. Granted the support is for testicular cancer, but cancer none the less. Being from a family that appears to be partial towards cancer (breast & prostate) I am more than happy to promote anyone who helps fight the cause by giving money towards research.

It just so happens that their product quite hilariously fits their cancer cause.

Back to Balls of Steel though, when I pulled up in my driveway a week or so ago I knew just what sitting at my door and couldn't wait to pop it into the freezer.

Original BOS touts to chill drinks quickly without dilution. After 90 minutes in my freezer I quickly popped them into some room temperature water just to see how well they worked.

I wasn't too concerned with whether or not it was watering anything down at the moment, let's be honest ice in water isn't exactly the enemy.

With a minute or so of plopping BOS into my glass drinking glass none the less I was not only glad my glass didn't shatter, I was soon sipping on cool tap water. Score! Needless to say they've since dwelled in my 32 oz water bottle I tote to work everyday.

So, they work, but why buy them over those plastic cubes you can get a the grocery store every summer?

For one they look way nicer, and you can get them engraved. Unlike the plastic ice cubes these chill for much longer.

Next up, those whiskey stones that were popular for so long... BOS not only cools better, they also weigh less. Plus they don't pick up freezer odor like those nasty stones tend to do. It doesn't hurt that they are also cheaper.

Each ball weighs in at a whooping 1/2 ounce each, and is less likely to crack a glass when plunked into a nice glass (as opposed to those darn stones). Plus one set of Balls of Steel has the cooling power of 6 ice cubes, which means no more fighting the ice tray.

I'll admit, fighting the ice trays takes up about 90% of my reasoning when I actually want ice in a drink. I tend to forgo it and drink room temp water over fighting ice trays. Maybe you have an ice maker, well this doesn't dilute. Either way BOS wins the argument.

You might be wondering who on Earth you should buy some for? Maybe you aren't a big drinker, no problem these also work on nonalcoholic drinks. They are drink coolers, no matter the liquid.

Do you know someone who likes running in all of the races that benefit cancer research? Buy a set of these for them, Original Balls of Steel is quite particular about which organizations they partner with. They want their money to be utilized the best it can and therefore it is split up amongst several testicular cancer research organizations. Most of us know someone who has been to MD Anderson, BOS donates to them too. So why not support the country's top cancer research programs?

You could just donate yourself, but we all know if you show up somewhere drinking with strange little metal balls in your drink it will lead to a little chat about, said, strange balls. Other than blogger recommendations over the years the number one thing that has caused me to purchase something is by word of mouth. If I saw someone using these I would probably think that I too needed some steel balls and completely forsake all homemade ice.

It's a fact.

So if you could give a pair of Original BOS to anyone as a gift... who and why? 

Like I said before, I wasn't paid for this but I do love to promote a company who makes a great product and supports a worthy cause. I wouldn't suggest you buy them if I didn't love them:)

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