The Summer Slim Down & 7-Up Ten Cake

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Some of you may know, but not be painfully as aware of it as I am... but we are going to Puerto Rico in a little over two months. 

Just, oh, the pinnacle of swim suit season. 

This slightly Puerto Rican, Puerto Rican (my dad is Puerto Rican) girl is refusing to go to the motherland looking like I just ate a moose and crawled my miserable way back from the bleak winter of the north. 

No, I demand I go out in style not feeling like a bear in hibernation mode. 

Slimming Down for Summer with DPSG Core Four Ten Products

I've enacted a few things to cut back and slim up for summer. 

One of those is replacing a meal or two with a green smoothie. I've also started calorie counting, but also watching my carb/protein intake at the same time. It's easy for me to get carbs, but heavens I can't eat enough protein. 

I really have to be mindful of it. 

There is only one issue with mentally knowing that I'm cutting back. 

I start looking for ways to cheat my heart out. I can't help it, when I say no my mind says cake. 

I did happen to find one awesome "cheat" option that is only ten calories while shopping at Walmart. 

Slimming Down for Summer with DPSG Core Four Ten Products

The biggest problem for my brain is when a snack tastes diet. 

We all know what diet tastes like... fake, slightly cardboard-ish. It's just not good. 

If you happen to love soda though, the Four DPSG Ten beverages are the way to go. A girlfriend of mine recently tried to cut out soda since it's so high calorie. For a mere 10 calories she could still be drinking her beloved Sunkist at lunch every single day without guilt. 

Obviously you've noticed the 10 calorie 7-Up in my photo, and I did say there were four drink options. The others happen to be Sunkist, A&W, and Canada Dry. 

As soon as I  saw the list of drinks that Dr. Pepper Snapple Group had in their Core Four Ten I was instantly hooked, orange soda and lemon lime are my go-to drinks when I want a soda. Plus I adore Canada Dry when I'm not feeling well. 

Jeremy is a root beer person so the A&W was definitely up his ally. (He quit drinking soda several months back due to the calories.)

I chose to bring home the Four DPSG Ten 7-Up first, and honestly I was sure it would be just me drinking this whole case. My husband hates, and I mean HATES diet drinks. He cringes at sugar free and absolutely refuses to use fake sweeteners. I was a bit surprised though, he has drank nearly the entire case and I can count what I've had on a few fingers. (Update: he drank the whole case)

So if that doesn't tell you that the Four Ten beverages are full flavor and are on par with their full calorie counterparts I don't know what will. I seriously can't tell a difference when I compare the Four Ten 7-Up to the original. 

Citrus Angel Food Cake | made with 7-Up TEN #TENways #PMedia #ad via @labride

With a whole case of 10 calorie 7-Up sitting in the fridge, quickly being guzzled by my husband, I had to think of a recipe I could make with it. 

Y'all know how I am. 

If you recall I made these biscuits a few months back that involve 7-up, and would have a big calorie reduction if you're dying for biscuits this close to swim suit season and use the ten calorie 7-Up. 

The biscuits were already made, but I remembered I hadn't had my grandmother's Citrus Angel Food Cake in literally 5 years. 

So instead of buying a cake from the store and slicing it up, I decided to add a little more citrus flavor by using a can of Four DPSG Ten 7-Up in the cake. I must say, it didn't disappoint and I actually prefer the flavor the 7-Up added to the Angel Food Cake. 

It definitely made for a light spring/summer dessert that I plan on making again for the entire family at Easter. At least with this lower calorie light dessert we can chomp away slightly less guilty before packing to run off to Puerto Rico for swim suit season. 

Citrus Angel Food Cake | made with 7-Up TEN #TENways #PMedia #ad via @labride

Citrus Angel Food Cake

1 box of Angel Food Cake mix
1 12 oz can of 7-Up TEN
2 11oz cans of mandarin oranges, drained
8 oz container of whip topping (from the frozen food section)

Mix together cake mix and 7-Up in a large bowl following cake mix box directions. Bake according to directions as well. When cake is done allow to cool upside down on a heat proof bottle. (I used a glass hot sauce bottle that fit the opening in the pan.) After cooling slice the cake through the middle and separate the sections.  On the bottom half of the cake arrange most of the mandarin oranges in a single layer, then spoon on half of the whip topping and spread it out evenly. Place top layer back onto the cake and spoon on the remaining whip topping, spreading it around evenly. Decorate the top with remaining mandarin oranges. 

I like to chose the 12 best looking orange slices for the top to remind myself that this serves 12, it definitely helps keep me mindful of portion control. 

This can be subbed for other cake flavors and Four DPSG Ten drink flavors, however, the cake mix and soda are the only ingredients in the cake. Do not add oil or eggs. 


Now if you plan on buying some of the Four DPSG Ten drinks a coupon would definitely help, who doesn't love a discount. 

To get the coupon click here, it will take you to a $0.50 off the purchase of TWO 2 Liter bottles or TWO 4-pack cans of 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN soda. However, if you were to share that digital coupon via email, FB, Twitter (there is a click to share function) you will get brought to a coupon that will get $1.50 off that purchase rather than just $0.50.

The coupon will be available from March 27 to April 17, while supplies last. 

Which of the Four Ten Calorie DPSG products are you the most happy to see offered at 10 Calories? 7UP, Sunkist, A&W and Canada Dry

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