Purina One 28 Day Challenge

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If you've read this blog for more than the past few minutes you've probably heard me talk about my dogs. 

Ellie being the queen bee, I've had the old woman since right before I turned 20 and this year she is turning 8... in two short months. So as you can probably guess the little things are starting to show age like her skin and coat. 

Hence the need to change things up a bit, and Purina One's 28 Day Challenge sounded like the perfect test run to see if her food was effecting her, or just how much it was. So off I went to start the challenge, or more like I sent Jeremy to get the food since I had the flu the day we started!

As far as her diet goes she's been a Purina dog since day one, except for a 30 day stint after Maddie died.

She was so depressed that her best friend died that I had to supplement with soft dog food so she'd think it was a treat and eat. Then it was right back to Purina for her.

So when that happened a year ago I talked to a dog nutritionist about what to do and she suggested a better blend of food. Apparently what's commonly offered on the market has a ton of fillers and you'll see your dog eating more of it verses the better varieties of food.

When we initially started the challenge she wasn't too happy with me.

How do I know? Well Ellie doesn't lack in the quirky personality area, she tried to take the food out of the bowl and leave it in my kitchen floor.

I'm not kidding you when I say she's stubborn.

Somewhere in her "Where's my food!" temper tantrum she found out she loved the little lamb bits in the flavor I bought her.

So she ate all the lamb bits, like a little kid hunting for the toy in a box of cereal with marshmallows.

After a few days her insistence that I put her food back in her bowl subsided and she started eating the rest of it. I'm telling you from my experience, it's the only way to win the war with this dog. She's a creature of habit and if you try to break that habit she makes it known! If you want to change the habit you have to outlast her wild ideas of how to break you of that idea.

I won, just so we're clear.

This little hot mess! Notice the triangle of food on the floor. 

When we started the 28 Day Challenge there was a lot I wasn't happy about with her skin. She's always had skin issues, I've tried oatmeal baths, and everything other crazy thing the Internet told me to do. Nothing worked. 

Her hair was also becoming an issue, it was obviously aging and not as soft as it once was. It looked dull and was looking worse as it grew out. 

Ellie's eyes were also showing some age to them, they weren't nearly as bright as they were when she was a puppy. 

Last but surely not least, her weight. She had some extra pudge for sure, nothing big, but enough to get on my radar. Doxies are prone to gain like crazy and it's awful for their backs. 

This is Ellie's please stop taking pictures of me look! Or give me a cookie now, however you prefer to take it. 

Post challenge I can tell a huge difference in Ellie. Her hair is darker and softer. It doesn't look as dull as it did when we started the challenge. 

My absolute favorite change, that I didn't notice until we were gone to Puerto Rico for a week, is that her skin has cleared up. No more scaly patches! Just a smooth puppy dog under all that hair. 

Ellie's eyes look much brighter, and her weight is down a little (I attribute that to the quality of the food being so good that she doesn't need to eat as much to be satisfied). 

The puppy dog's energy levels are even up, whether that be a good thing or not depends on it you live with her. More energy means more energy to express her self. Below is a depiction of how she felt about photos. As in, "Oh you'd like me to sit there with the food in the back? How about here with the food in the front?" 

While we were cleaning the couch this weekend she sat behind me "talking" to complain of the noise level from the upholstery cleaner. Those energy/spunky levels are definitely up! 

My parent's dog Rudy is now on week 3 of the 28 Day Challenge and from what I hear he is loving it! We are going to have a family of Purina One puppies around here.

To get a coupon for $3 off your own bag of Purina One to start the 28 Day Challenge follow this link:: http://www.purinaone.com/ONEDifference

You can also find more information on Purina One's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

I'd love to know what you think about the Purina One dog food and to hear that your family has started the challenge. So be sure to come back and comment telling me about your experience!