Uncommon Goods Gift Ideas & Giveaway

Christmas is right around the corner and it's high time to finish up the gift buying for this year. I'm not one to spend tons on presents, I really think the season is more about being together.

I also think that if you're going to give something, make it something that person could use or might want. Goodness knows I've gotten my hands on a few things throughout past Christmas's that were less than stellar. (See also... things I found out I was allergic to. Those are the most joyful gifts of all.)

The other type of best gift is the kind I would never find myself but I would love to have found. My mother is great at those gifts, I on the other hand didn't inherit her gift giving ability.

Which makes it all the better than I found a great site that has a variety of products. If y'all are anything like me, it's a little annoying to have to order from 10 different places. I really prefer to get everything done at one time.

So without further rambling from me, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for this season... all from Uncommon Goods.

To make it more interesting, I'll share my favorite's from Uncommon Good's Christmas Gift sections and then you can share your favorites with me... and there may be a little surprise in it for you at the end. 
1. Coal Gum
2. Healing Stone Mugs
3. State Dish Towels
4. Scratch Map
5. Woodland Animal Pincushion

Every single year for Christmas Jeremy gets some type of coal in his stocking so I couldn't pass adding that to my list of favorites.

When I saw the Healing Stone Mugs the hippie deep within me got really excited. Pregnancy has definitely heightened my hippie-ness. These would be absolutely perfect for the slight hippie to the full fledged hippie in your life. They're just so different, I love the look of the mugs, but the story behind them in just as interesting.

There is also no denying that state anything is popular right now, I've seen shirts and jewelry all over creation. Not only did I find some really neat looking state dish towels, Uncommon Goods also carries region, country, and city. Plus there are aprons! Don't even get me started on aprons.

When I saw the little fox and mouse pincushions I immediately thought of my mother. She always had the tomato pincushion at her sewing machine. Being the child that constantly shoved all her pins deep within the pincushion, I couldn't help but think that she couldn't help but appreciate the gesture of getting some cute new pincushions from her awful-pincushion-treating child.

6. Tube Wringer
7. Love Letter Napkins
8. Oyster Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish
9. Shark Socks

I love the toothpaste tube wringer idea for a stocking stuffer. I remembered hearing year ago that Prince Charles is so cheap that he uses one. Plus this one looks really retro, and I love anything retro. 

The love letter napkins isn't something I'd buy for anyone on my buying list, but more of something I wouldn't mind seeing in my own stocking. I'm a sucker for Sonnets and love old romance, especially how people wrote letters year ago. We just don't do that anymore, but the love letter napkins are a really neat conversation starter for dinner. Especially for a Valentine's dinner setting.

I've seen dipping bowls, and I've seen garlic graters (see also that awful garlic press in my drawer currently - I need this Jeremy) but I haven't seen a grater/dipping bowl combo. I can just imagine grating in some fresh garlic with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and eating a whole loaf of crusty bread all by myself. If you have a foodie in your life who lives in the kitchen, get them this. The best part is that Uncommon Goods has several of these at different price points... and you can also use them for ginger.

Shark socks, you may be wondering why on earth I would have socks on a favorite gifts list. Well it's a little tradition that I put some funky dress sock in Jeremy's stocking. Turns out he likes them enough to wear them, and this particular shark pair would make a really neat ice breaker. In all seriousness, people are going to say something to you if you are wearing interesting socks. There were even shark slippers, and baby shark slippers. Swoon!

Now I'm more than happy to support a company just because they have cute stuff, but there is so much more to Uncommon Goods.

For one, they are a US based company out of Brooklyn. Their lowest paid seasonal workers start at 50% above minimum wage. They support artists and designers, and half of what they sell is handmade.  If the handmade fact doesn't make you hippie happy, 1/3 of their entire collection incorporates recycled or upcycled materials. 

And all the hippies said Amen. 

They do their best as a company to impact the world in a positive way and have a few Non-Profits to boot; RAINN, American Forests, Women for Women International, and Reach Out and Read's. 

I really love the push for companies in our generation to support charities and create a movement back towards US made goods . Which is why I'm more than happy to support a company like Uncommon Goods. Now not only are they awesome and I've spent far too many hours browsing their website, Uncommon Goods is also giving away a $50 gift certificate. Just enter using the widget below and I'll announce next Monday who won!

I was compensated for writing this post about Uncommon Goods. All opinions are my own.