being a healthy mama®

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I've been open with y'all throughout my pregnancy and even post pregnancy with struggles I've had.

Especially health related ones that caused me to completely change my diet this summer in a effort to fix things, which it did. Can I get a yippee for a baby that is sleeping better and a mama that completely got rid of a birthing related postpartum side effect!

There is still only so much I can fix with food, and I'm a big believer that food can fix quite a bit.

Before I got pregnant I took a multivitamin, and then a prenatal vitamin, daily. I've always had trouble with the capsule pill varieties because they would cause me to be nauseous. Prenatal or regular multi, both made me sick.

To combat that during pregnancy I started taking the sugary gummy vitamins just so that I was getting some form of a prenatal, regardless of the dyes and sugar.

I just needed something!

However, with my postpartum journey back to being health conscious Emily (Oh how I derailed when the 1st trimester got the best of me.) I've wanted to cut out anything that wasn't necessary.

I got rid of processed foods and put our little family back on a whole foods diet. I've tried to use less harsh cleaning products in the house so we aren't sucking in the chemicals. The nipple cream I even use for breastfeeding is organic and food grade so I don't have to worry about wiping it off or what Harrison is getting in his mouth by using it.

By the time this summer hit I had decided that I had had enough of the sugar and dye I was putting in my own body as a means of getting a vitamin. With the sheer exhaustion of being a new mom I couldn't hurt the tiny bit of energy I had by consuming sugar I didn't need.

If I was going out of my way to make sure the baby didn't get dyes and sugar in his colic medicine why on earth was I going to take it to let whatever trace amounts could get into my breast milk.

After searching high and low at every heath food store around us and not wanting to pay a ton for supplements I finally came across the healthy mama® brand.

So far I've tried their prenatal called Be Well Rounded! and a pregnancy safe caffeine free protein energy drink they call Boost it Up!

I don't feel like I can get it across well enough through writing just how pleased I am with their products. Their prenatal vitamins are exactly what I was looking for.

They're dye free, gluten free, and small enough that someone who once had to cut every pill she took in half could easily swallow it without gaging. The biggie for me was also the cost, in one package you get 60 vitamins for $29.99.

So at basically $15 a month it costs the same as the brand I just got done choking down that was filled with dyes; and we all know how much I am a stickler for cost.

After wandering around here like a zombie most days unable to drink more than decaf coffee I was pumped to try the healthy mama® protein and energy drink Boost it Up!

My caffeine issues isn't one I've discussed a bunch on the blog, but for a few years I thought I was having low blood sugar issues. After testing my blood sugar I came to realize it was a caffeine sensitivity, which isn't something you get excited about when you really love coffee.

So even on the days I could literally fall over, and at times have literally run into walls trying to get to the baby, I have to weigh the cost of what that little boost from coffee would give me over the drained low sugar feeling I had the rest of the day.

When I tell you I put the healthy mama® Boost it Up! to the test I honestly mean it, this wasn't so much about taste. It was about how my body would react to what the drink contained in it for energy.

This past Wednesday we loaded up early in the morning, before the heat set in something nasty, and headed to the zoo. I thought this would be a true test of how I could handle the energy drink, and honestly I liked it.

I picked up the Mango with Ginger flavor and it was something I could have added to my "doesn't make me puke" list of the first trimester. Which was a small list, mind you. It was refreshing and had a light enough taste that I would have enjoyed it even pregnancy.

The healthy mama® brand touts that Boost it Up! is a pick me up for when you are just having one of those need a nap days or an all day morning sickness kind of pregnancy gal like myself.

The drink gave my just enough energy to notice a difference without the side effects I get from caffeine, which is great! Boost it Up! also doesn't contain artificial sweeteners, colors, gluten, HFC's, caffeine, or preservatives.

Trust me when I say I gave healthy mama® Boost it Up! the true test, I wasn't at home to stuff my face when I misread my low sugar feeling for hungry instead of a caffeine issue. We managed to make it through a full day toting around the baby and having a blast, and I never hit that mid afternoon lull.

Like I said before, if you're looking for healthy products that are free of the extras you don't really want, look no further. While you're looking these will be very easy to find because healthy mama® had been working with retailers, like Target where I found mine, to create shelf space for mamas-to-be so we aren't going on a scavenger hunt.

In case you're wondering, Target is carrying healthy mama® products while supplies last in the hygiene isle in the Pre/Post Natal Care area (a totally new section). In my opinion, this makes shopping for those pregnancy ailments so much easier with everything being in one space and under one brand. One of the problems I had with finding medicine while pregnant was finding products then trying to figure out if Dr. Internet said I could have them.

I can see pregnancy #2 being a breeze in the "locate prego items" department thanks to healthy mama®.

Don't forget though that no medicine can be deemed 100% safe during pregnancy, and be sure to consult your doctor. healthy mama® uses only the safest ingredients & their active ingredients have not been shown to increase birth defects. If you want to find out more check out their fact sheet on