$100 Shopping Spree with Leonisa

It's no secret that after having Harrison I was a little obsessed with tummy binders.

Truth be told I've had a long time love of shapewear.

When I was a majorette in high school I wore shapewear to smooth out my hips and tummy in those skin tight sequined outfits. Throughout college I wore something that went from below my chest to my knees for every wedding I was in.

I even use to sleep in a shapewear at night just to suck everything in because I read that celebrities were wearing tummy binders to bed.

I don't recommend that one though, my husband didn't appreciate it.

After having a baby and having my organs pushed here, there, and everywhere shapewear helped me shrink back down. Within a week of wearing it I was starting to see slimming in my hips and tummy, six weeks later it wouldn't even fit.

So when I was contacted about teaming up to offer a fun little shopping spree to Leonisa I had to jump in!

Leonisa has everything from shapewear to swimsuits, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

First up is their Postpartum Panty with Adjustable Belly Wrap, that's the tan and black in the photo. They are offered in a high and lower waist option. The Belly Wrap isn't just for postpartum, it's also great for post surgery.

Next is their Super Comfy Everyday Nursing Bra, this bra is extremely comfy for a nursing mama and has the support you need without the wire. There's nothing worse than wire on nursing boobs!

Another great product I use and love is the Slimming Tank. This type of shapewear is perfect if you need your tummy just a bit smoother or if you're dealing with that new mama soft belly that appears a little lumpy under shirts.

Now it's your chance to get some shapewear... or something else from Leonisa of your own! 
Enter to win for your chance to get a $100 shopping spree >>>

I wasn't compensated for this giveaway, I just thought it would be fun for all my readers! Leonisa is a great company and all opinions are my own. Also, no affiliate links were used in this post.