Bedsure Quilt Vlog Review

Below is my vlog of the Bedsure quilt I received a few weeks ago. Just FYI... I wasn't paid monetarily for this, just the product, & all opinions are my own. 

Aroma Foundry

I was recently sent a few essential oils from a wonderful new company in California called Aroma Foundry to test out and share with y'all. While I wasn't monetarily paid for this review, I did receive the products for free. All opinions are my own and honest as usual! 

After browzing their site and choosing my oils I was insanely excited to try them out, I love supporting American companies. Aroma Foundry did not disappoint at all, like I've said for ages on my website... you can find amazing oils out there at an affordable price that are consistently high quality. 

Aroma Foundry my friends... it's amazing quality at a price I'm willing to pay.

Now before I get to everything I loved about this particular oil and the company that produces them, all me to show you my second favorite thing.

The packaging.

Often when you pay less for a product the packaging isn't that pretty, and I get that, it's understandable. However, the Aroma Foundry packaging is insanely pretty. 

Each oil is hand bottled in California and on the side you can see a sticker saying where the product originated. This particular bottle of Sage is from Croatia. 

Some more information about the company, I love how they state who they are so clearly through their packaging. 

And made with recyclable materials! 

Last but not least on the box, responsibly sourced. 

Good quality, affordable, and responsibly sourced. I couldn't ask for more from a company. 

I thought the outside was fun, until I popped open the lid and found a little sticker with their company logo in each box.

Next up was the pretty bottle with the batch number on it. Also, notice the little slip of paper off the the left int he box?

It's a warning to not ingest the oils. I love it! Preach it Aroma Foundry, stop swallowing oils. I appreciate that this company included that in the box, this way the customer is clear that this is not food. So often you see mixed reviews elsewhere  from the average person (hello Pinterest) telling people to consume oils without stating the side effects or much else.

All my gorgeous bottles lined up, I really jumped out of my box this time to try new scents and see what all Aroma Foundry had to offer.

So far I've combined all four together, I've mixed a combo of trios. I've combined them with oils from another company.

Overall, the scent from these oils pouring out of the diffuser in my living room has been amazing. If you haven't tried these particular essential oils I suggest you give them a shot, they smell incredible and give off the more warm, calming scent.

Also, I think Ylang Ylang smells like babies from some reason.

These are the three I started out with in the diffuser, yesterday I moved on to try Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli together. Just as dreamy and warm as the first trio I paired up. 

So overall what's my opinion of Aroma Foundry?

They're an amazing company with great packaging and a product that's to die for. They are affordable and even at that affordable rate they still push out exceptional smelling essential oils. As soon as these bottles run out I'll definitely order more.