Finally a Home Whitening System I Love!

This post is part of the #SmileFearlessly campaign with Smile Brilliant. I was given their product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #WhileIWhiten #SmileFearlessly

I'm not newbie when it comes to teeth whitening. 

In college my dentist actually told me to slow my roll if I wanted to still have enamel one day.

Thank you cheapo whitening trays from the early 2000's!

Since I'm immediately drawn to people's teeth I put a ton of stock in my own. A pretty smile makes a world of difference, the only problem is trying to figure out how to enjoy your favorites drinks (I'm talking coffee and tea over here!) and not look like you have George Washington's smile.

Several years ago the whitening strips I really loved left the market, much like the brand I loved before that. The strips weren't good for my enamel and hence... left the market.

I've looked around for the past few years for something I wanted to use with zero luck. I also don't want to spend the money for professional whitening at the dentist, who has time or the money for that!

So you can imagine how happy I was when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying out their home whitening kit. Jeremy was super jealous by the way.

I've been using their sensitive system and let me tell you my teeth haven't been this white since college when I was threatened by my dentist... and the plus is that they aren't damaged this time around.

Smile Brilliant actually takes a little longer than your over the counter grocery store products, so block out some time to whiten. I personally liked to do it every other day and after dinner.

Side note :: the biggest difference for me between this and the grocery store whitening strips is that this is actually dentist recommend... can't say that for what I've been known to use. 

I'd simply put in my whitening gel, clean the kitchen, bathe the kiddo, and then swap out for the desensitizing gel. I'd then watch a few shows on TV, take the trays out, and then go to sleep.

The only issue I ran into with this was the first time I used the trays. You see, I never had braces and I've got a powerful gag reflex. Emily ain't use to having anything extra in her mouth!

After a few nights I adjusted to having the trays in my mouth and can now read a bedtime story while I whiten my teeth.

Major success!

By using this before bed it allowed the desensitizing gel to sit on my teeth over night giving me the optimal change to let the product do it's magic. I found that my teeth were much less sensitive when I whitened at night. The one day I tried whitening during the day I had sensitivity the very next day.

Here's a little before and after after a few weeks of using Smile Brilliant.

Point being... leave that gel on as long as possible. It seriously helps with sensitivity!

The desensitizing gel is the magic difference between what I've previously used and Smile Brilliant. This post whitening gel allows the pores in your teeth to close back up and prevent sensitivity and future stains.

I honestly love this product and will be ordering a kit for Jeremy. It might be a touch pricey up front, but after making your trays all you have to do is order more whitening and desensitizing gel when you run out.

I can't recommend this enough. If you think your teeth could be whiter, buy it. If you have a big event coming up, get a kit. If know someone who would love this as a gift, buy them one.

After years of hunting for a whitening product I love I finally found it with Smile Brilliant.

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