cariPro Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush Review & Giveaway

Y'all know I love my Smile Brillant Whitening System, and from what I've heard from friends who've used it they did too! I've been on a touch of a whitening break with pregnancy and breastfeeding though.

Sadly I can manual brush myself to death with my favorite whitening toothpaste and it hasn't kept up with my coffee intake.

Is this new? No. With Harrison, when I had my first cleaning the dental hygienist immediately asked how much coffee I had been drinking. Let's just say... a lot. A whole lot. I need my sleep and if I can't have that then I'll just have coffee.

Not the best tactic for pretty white teeth.

So you can imagine my excitement when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying out their new cariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush.

I've used Jeremy's electric spin brush for a long time and I thought it was working great. I could tell a big difference when I used it verses a manual brush.

But then.... BUT THEN... I got my hands on this handy dandy ultrasonic and my life has been changed people. I wish I was being my usual dramatic self with no reason, but I am not friends. Not at all when I tell you this -- using the cariPro Ultrasonic gets my teeth the absolute closest they've ever felt to the post cleaning feeling.

Y'all know that feeling, the o-so-clean-they're-slippery.

I'm actually due for a cleaning this month and my teeth feel better and my plaque looks better than it ever does right before a cleaning. To be super honest, I tend to have a bit of buildup behind my lower front teeth (thanks to having lots a saliva) and it actually has decreased after using this toothbrush the past few weeks.

The weirdest thing about this brush though, having never used an ultrasonic toothbrush before I have to say it felt pretty strange. The insanely fast vibrations took some getting use to, it almost felt like someone was tickling my teeth and gums.

I'm sold though and I'm never going back.

Something about those super fast vibrations blows any electric spin brush out of the water.

Before I forget, aside from how well it has cleaned my teeth, I'd say the biggest selling point for me are the multiple clean programs and the timer. Before I start brushing I select what I want to do, generally one of the bottom three options in the morning and whitening or cleaning at night. That's when my favorite feature number 2 comes into play, it pauses every 30 seconds. The cariPro is set up to do this so you can brush your teeth for 30 seconds per quadrant. Split your teeth up into top right/top left/bottom right/bottom left. When you've cleaned all four areas it turns off completely on it's own.

My husband tried to point out that his electric did that, but not like this people. I've used his and while it will have a slight pause after 2 minutes, it never turns off. His also pauses if you press down too long so I could never tell if I was done or if I pressed too hard. Yet more reasons to love the newest brush from Smile Brilliant.


Now for the best part, Smile Brilliant is giving away a cariPro to one of y'all! 

You can head >>> HERE <<< to enter to win a cariPro Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush

electric toothbrush

Now while you're waiting to find out if you won, head over to Smile Brilliant and check out the cariPro for yourself. They can answer all of your questions -- My biggest one being, where can I order new brush heads?

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