Simply Earth | The Monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box

I recently got in my Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box as well as their Bonus Box that includes all the goodies I'd need to mix up any essential oil recipe they send. 

Needless to say it's been a gloomy week in Birmingham so excuse the photo quality. But with that said nothing makes me want to run my diffusers like overcast cold weather. They've really taken the place of candles in my home. 

Let's get to the bottom of the November Simply Earth Box - I received 4 essential oils, 3 of which I've never used before. Recipe cards. A linen bag for one of the recipes. Powdered milk. Lavender buds. And finally labels for any recipes I made.

My Bonus Box included beeswax, solid and liquid coconut oil, almond oil, as well as roller and blend bottles for any recipes I made.

I've bought oils from many companies over the years and this is just as high quality as anyone I've tried. The bonus being that it comes at a good price. You can buy their oils on their website outside of just their boxes by the way.

I know I'll be reordering Tranquility as soon as I run out instead of waiting for it to come in another box.

Now let's talk about the box...

Each month your box will come with 4 essential oils plus bonuses to help make their recipes from that month's cards. Your first month you get the Big Bonus Box for free with your monthly box. It's $39 a month and when you order your first month and use code LABRIDEFREE you'll also receive a $30 gift card to use later either in the Simply Earth Shop or on a future recipe box. (So technically that first box is free!)

What I like the most about this is that it get's me out of my usual oils. I stay with about 5-8 bottles on repeat to cure all my ailments and clean all the things. The November box opened me up to 3 oils I've never use and the blend they sent actually has a few of my favorites in it mixed with a few I've never used. 

The first recipe card I tried out was the Tranquility and Lime diffuser blend. It's seriously heavenly. It made the entire house smell really clean.

Tonight I'm busting out the milk bath recipe card. 

In case you didn't want to just read what I wrote... here's a little Youtube review of Simply Earth >>

Let me also add in that Simply Earth 13% of their profits to help stop human trafficking, so if love companies that give back... this is definitely one of them! 

So whether you want to order some essential oils alone or check out the monthly box check out Simply Earth, y'all know how much I love essential oils and these folks are legit. If you want to order the box be sure to use my code LABRIDEFREE to get that $40 gift card when your first box comes in!